Membership Description

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Alumni is a member driven organization and our members make it possible to keep the center open and running.

We understand budgets are tight and we strive to keep fees affordable. Our Alumni membership includes the entire passed out students and grants access to the full website.

Our Membership Includes

  • Mini Discussion Board

  • Badges Based on Memberships

  • Join Groups and Share thoughts

  • Live chat with Friends

  • Activity Feed

  • Your own Profile page

  • Search and Add Friends

  • Follow Friends

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can i join the association for Free?

    Sorry. Currently we provide only paid membership. Adhoc Membership is restricted to those who are not gainfully employed. Please see the terms and conditions.

    Membership Cancellation

    Yes, you can cancel the membership at anytime. But the first paid membership fees wont be refunded. Once your membership has been cancelled, all your login and profile details will be deleted from the website.

    How to find my old friends?

    You can search your old friends from our members list.
    • Price
    • Detail
    • Badge
    • Chat
    • Search Friends
    • Join Groups
    • 100
    • Ad-hoc Membership
    • No
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 500
    • Associate Membership
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 2000
    • Lifetime Membership
    • Verified Account
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes